Posted: May 22nd, 2023

An appropriate interdisciplinary team in addressing Trosacks issue

In order to gain insightful information prior to Trosacks initial visit, there is a need to have an appropriate interdisciplinary team from which relevant information can be obtained. Members of the team should be experts and specialists from different fields but whose knowledge of genetic disorders can be reliable. Hence, the following types of members will be appropriate in providing the necessary information: pediatric neurologists, biochemists, genetic counselor or the medical geneticist, epidemiologist and a lawyer.

Genetic knowledge and technology especially when condensed in the perspectives of nursing practice constitute an area that cannot have a single approach and subsequent understanding. In order to internalize the issue for effective informed decision-making appropriately, nurses need the help of pediatric neurologists who have to detect the presence of the disorder in the individual. Others include biochemists who have to identify the mutation and prognosis of the disorder in the population, and genetic counselor who has to carry out risk assessment of the disorder to the family and provide the necessary supportive information and advice.

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An appropriate interdisciplinary team in addressing Trosacks issue
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In addition, epidemiologist will be needed in conducting and investigating the history of the genetic disorder in the family or the particular population, while a lawyer who will be essential in giving the legal and ethical implications of any particular decision a victim may decide to adopt.

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