Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Aortic diseases are the possible health problems

There are situations when the blood vessel’s functions undergo considerable changes, and the disturbance of the organism takes place. As soon as a pathogen enters the body, malfunctioning is possible. Aortic diseases are the possible health problems that lead to morbidity and mortality (Sech et al. 99), and aortic dissection is one of the most frequent types of this disease people may suffer from. Aortic dissection happens when blood “separates the laminar planes of the media to form a blood-filled channel within the aortic wall” (Mitchell 504). It may be classic when blood moves from a true lumen to a false lumen (Sech et al. 99), traumatic, and rupture (that is usually catastrophic for people). As a rule, men between 40 and 60, who have antecedent hypertension, and younger adults, who may have systematic abnormalities such as Marfan syndrome, are under threat of having aortic dissection. For example, a higher pressure could lead to the disruption of an aorta that leads to the disruption of the thick aortic walls and a kind of lamination of all walls in the system. The result of such disruption is a considerable loss of blood and the inability to stabilize the condition of a person. In the majority of cases, when the disruptions are serious, a person dies during the first two weeks even if doctors discover the problem in a short period and start the required portion of treatment. Hypertension and Marfan syndrome are not the only reasons for this disease. People with a bicuspid aortic valve, traumas of the chest, or some insignificant aortic diseases are also under threat

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Aortic diseases are the possible health problems
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