Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Bacteria that are closely related to the genus Bacillus

On the hand E.coli can be classified causing serious health disorders in humans. As for Bacillus stearothermophilus, they are also gram positive bacteria that are closely related to the genus Bacillus. The growth and abundance of their population is largely affected by various factors. They include moisture, temperature, the level of acidity or alkalinity E.coli, and also time among others.

According to the above results the growth of E.coli at 45°C in almost all the sections of the lab is low compared to the other section of 37 and 25 which are the optimal temperatures for the growth of E.coli. The percentage of E.coli is high this because of their large numbers thus competing hard for the available resources for growth that includes food and water. At 45°C the growth of E.coli is hindered this is due to high temperatures which are not favorable for their growth. Thus the other strains experience more growth thus increasing their numbers and depriving E. coli of the available growth resources.

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Bacteria that are closely related to the genus Bacillus
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