Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Cadmium is regarded among the deadly elements in human beings

Cadmium is regarded among the deadly elements in human beings as well as animals. Consequently, it is categorized among human carcinogens. Therefore, it is advisable that the highest everyday intake of cadmium should not exceed 1.2 micrograms per gram of body weight (Payehghadr, Esmaeilpour, Rofouei, and Adlnasab 1). The allowable amount of cadmium in common salt is 0.2 micrograms per gram of salt. However, the low quantities of cadmium in the surroundings and the intricacy of the sample matrix obscure the measurement of cadmium levels in salt. The authors of this article use solid-phase extraction technique to concentrate cadmium levels prior to quantification by atomic absorption spectrometry. A disc made of octadecyl silica customized with a novel by-product of pyridine ligand is utilized as a solid phase to curtail the hazards of cadmium exposure. Cadmium is thereafter detected using an atomic absorption spectrometer with a “deuterium background corrector” in addition to a hollow cathode lamp at a wavelength of 228.8 nanometres (Payehghadr et al. 2). A flame comprising a blend of air and acetylene is used. It is realized that the technique yields cadmium recovery rates between 93.75 and 95.4%. The researchers conclude that the method is exceptional in the determination of tiny amounts of cadmium in varying salt samples.

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Cadmium is regarded among the deadly elements in human beings
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