Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Classification of Radioactive Waste in Japan

The Atomic Energy Commission developed the ‘Framework for Nuclear Energy Policy,’ which governs the use of nuclear energy and encourages studies and the development of nuclear science and engineering. This policy reiterates that a generation that enjoys the convenience of nuclear energy ought to show its appreciation by participating in efforts to dispose of radioactive wastes in a manner that safeguards the welfare of the future generation. Consequently, four tenets have been developed to govern the production and disposal of radioactive wastes to achieve safe disposal of radioactive wastes. These principles include the accountability of generators, the reduction of radioactive excess, sensible treatment and disposal, and execution founded on common understanding with people.

The accountability of generators implies that plants that spawn radioactive wastes ought to treat and dispose of their wastes carefully. Consequently, the government offers guidelines that ensure the generators of radioactive wastes are accountable for their waste. Reduction of radioactive waste means that all efforts should attempt to reduce the quantities of radioactive wastes by reusing and recycling radionuclides until the final waste contains the least possible quantity of radionuclides.

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Classification of Radioactive Waste in Japan
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