Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Collapse mechanism, number, and position of hinges

  • Collapse mechanism, number, and position of hinges: To comprehend how the collapse mechanism occurs, a clear understanding of plastic hinges is necessary. A plastic hinge is formed as a result of bending or twisting in a structural/configuration member at which an unlimited rotary motion can occur at a steady Plastic Moment at that given region. Provided there are several positions of “local” utmost bending/twisting moment alongside the beam there are a number of points of “local” greatest Bending Moment along the beam, the first Plastic Hinge will be generated at the numerical greatest point provided working load stipulations are still under operation. If additional Plastic Hinges are needed to cave in, then they will take place at the subsequent lesser value selected from the remaining neighboring maxima. As soon as adequate plastic hinges have been generated to switch the structure/arrangement into a mechanism then the collapse of the entire structure will take place. The actual number of Plastic hinges required for breakdown does not change for a specific structure depending on the set loading circumstance, even though a section of the beam may collapse separately by the generation of the slight number of hinges. The structure acts like a hinged mechanism leading to rotation of neighboring hinges in contradictory directions structure. The collapse or ultimate weight/load is achieved when a mechanism is produced. The actual number of plastic pivots generated due to weight applied on the frame or any beam should be just enough to create a mechanism, which in this case mechanism occurs after three hinges are formed at different positions.

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