Posted: February 1st, 2023

Consequences of Not Filing an Insider Report

According to SEDI, after achieving the authority of reporting insider, one must file the insider report within ten working days. However, while evaluating the submitted report, if a person finds that he needs to edit some parts of the report, it should be done within five working days from the date of submission. Failing to which a report issuing authority face the following consequences.

As per the NI act, section 55–104, the insider reporter will be punished as it is illegal in the USA.

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Consequences of Not Filing an Insider Report
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Besides, after proving that the insider report misuses the legislative authority, the issuer is supposed to undergo various penalties. As a result, a reporting authority must pay a late charge; there will be an identification mark on his or her profile that he submitted the report late and many more.

Even the security issuing company may get a cease on his or her trading action and be unable to trade until the next order of the court.

Exemptions to Insider Reporting Requirements
However, the SEDI appealed for some exemptions to the legislative commission regarding insider reporting to make the entire legal procedure quite blunt. Some of the exemptions include:

NI act 51-102 spontaneous disclosure obligation

In the spontaneous disclosure obligation, the amendment is that the insider reporter will get an exemption if there remains any gap in the financial calculation, then it will come under non-GAAP financial measures.

NI act 55-104 insider reporting requirements and exemption

When reporting an altered instrument, if an issuing authority fails to find out the exact transaction, he or she can also refer to the financial instrument that involves the security. Here the security will be considered as a compensated document for denoting a particular altered transaction.

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