Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Considering the genotypic sex determination in amphibians

Currently, most researchers disregard the impact of temperatures towards the sexual patterns in amphibians. This information openly mismatches with the ancient research. However, this is considered as a larger progression in the field of research as nowadays, sex in amphibians is explained in terms genetic as well as epigenetic factors. In this case, the sexes of amphibians are going to be determined in terms of their genetic composition. The genetic composition of amphibians depends to a larger extent on the species of the amphibians. Some species of amphibians exhibit the XX/XY while some other species exhibit the ZZ/ZW (Smith & Voss 548).

Considering the genotypic sex determination in amphibians, to begin with is the cytogenetic analysis that was performed for the purpose of exposing the mismatch that existed between the sexual characteristics chromosomes. Precisely, the dissimilarity between the sex chromosomes entails the sizes of the chromosomes, the patterns of binding, the centrometric index, the heterochromatin characterization as well as the transcription loops of lampbrush chromosomes.

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Considering the genotypic sex determination in amphibians
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By any chance, the researcher discovers either an expression of an isozyme that is sex linked or an appearance of an H-Y antigen plus the inclusion of a sex-ratio progeny examination that may result into individuals who are sex reversed, and then the heterogamety of either being a male or female could have been verified to be present. However, some other articles argue out that the amphibian sex chromosomes are imperceptibly differentiated thus making the cytogenetic sex identification method totally difficult (Hofrichter 24). However, few species were incorporated when the researchers drove to this conclusion.

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