Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Country Analysis Project Report

The article, “Ultralight, Ultrastiff Mechanical Metamaterials” by Zheng et al. (1373-1377) presents the results of a study that was aimed at examining the mechanical characteristics of artificial cellular materials. Specifically, the authors note that in the natural environment, there are many cellular materials such as honeycombs and plant parenchyma, which have excellent mechanical attributes despite their relatively light weight. These natural materials have inspired human beings to develop low-weight and mechanically strong cellular materials using different solid components including metals and polymers. These artificial cellular materials have found a wide-range of applications in the production of structural components, heat exchange materials, and biomaterials (Zheng et al. 1373). However, Zheng and colleagues argue that the mechanical properties of both natural and artificial cellular materials tend to diminish with a decrease in their mass density. The authors attribute the decrease in mechanical performance at low densities to the random porosity, which is present in both natural and artificial cellular materials. Moreover, in most artificial and natural cellular materials, the relationship between Young’s modulus and the material’s density is given by the following equation, E/Es α (ρ/ρs)n while the relationship between yield strength and material density is represented as, σy/σys α (ρ/ρs)n (Zheng et al. 1373). In these equations:

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Country Analysis Project Report
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