Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Darwin’s Theory and the Society

The vision of Darwin’s theory that has had a great impact on society is the one on natural selection. This is also referred to as survival for the fittest. This affects the lives of individuals every day. Only those individuals that adapt to the environment can survive in case of any changes (Spencer 1983). Different individuals in society assume different roles and some roles that are played by certain individuals cannot be played by others. Each individual has what he or she can do best. Those that are best suited to perform a certain role are selected by nature. If an individual joins a field that is not his or her, he or she cannot survive due to a lack of the necessary traits required in that field. Also, individuals in a given society compete for resources in the society. Those who are fit enough make use of these resources while those that are not fit go without the resources. A good example of these communications is education where some individuals excel well and assume higher positions in organizations while those that do not perform well assume other lower positions in society. Investors get into business offering similar products to the same customers. The strategies that an investor employs and the quality of products that he or she offers determine the customers that he or she is will attract. Some investors will make losses and give up. Competition however leads to improvement because individuals produce the best so as to beat their opponents. The theory of natural selection has many impacts on society.

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Darwin’s Theory and the Society
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