Posted: February 1st, 2023

Decision making and gambling discussion

Both decision making and gambling aim at coming to a certain choice that each person may wish to make. To come up with a certain choice, many thoughts may linger through your mind and eventually settling on a specific outcome. This may take a form of process or a risky option with less regard to the outcome. The process of making a decision may be conflicting to some people because of the nature of the said decision and the expected outcome. Others end up making irrational decisions that prove to be tricky. People will always choose something that they will highly benefit from it. These decisions may be involved by economic issues, social issues, religious and legal issues. Decision making varies from individuals and the environmental factors may affect the outcome. Children are likely to make lesser influential decisions compared to grown-ups. The mental status of a person may also be determined by how that decision arrives. People with psychological problems make bad decisions and they are unlikely to e punished by society, while on the other hand, sober people make sound decisions that will be resourceful in influencing others. Educated people also make sound decisions and in the end, they’re consulted for various decisions based on their areas of specialization. These areas of specialization may also be determined by the level of knowledge, experience, and passion that someone possesses. Processing of information is relevant in determining whether someone had adequate time to do so. Failing to analyze the issues presented is associated with poor results and choices being made. Inadequate time is linked with errors that will not have been occasioned. For example, a driver may who is driving at a higher speed may not have adequate time to decide whether to avoid an accident when there is an oncoming vehicle.

How people make decisions?
People make choices based on analyzing the probability of the outcome and failure to make sound choices. This analysis is then subjected to a further on whether such decision is worthy and what other people may say when that decision is arrived at and the judgment becomes the center of the analysis before making the decision. The process of making a decision becomes easier when the person frequently interacts with such a decision-making process. For example, it takes a shorter time for an experienced psychologist to diagnose the problem and offer sound counseling. Every time he interacts with people with such problems, he can make such a reference before the issue escalates to a worse situation.

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Decision making and gambling discussion
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Prospect Theory:
In this theory, evaluation is made on why people fail to make certain choices. It also focuses on the analyses of the positive and negative consequences that emanate from the said outcome. Most people are likely to make decisions that are favorable to their profits and avoids those that are likely to lead to losses. In the end, a person has adequate time to determine what is suitable for him. Others may choose a risky decision knowing that the outcome will be fruitful in the end.

The Idea of Preference:
Most of the people are likely to make a decision based on the quick preference than those that are used with. This is the trick that most companies have adopted while marketing their products. They ensure that the customer’s attention to the product is steady and convinced to buy the same. This is common when a person didn’t have a plan to buy the same product. The preference is determined by the method someone employs to arrive at the decision. Joint evaluation before making a decision may be different from an individual level.

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