Posted: February 1st, 2023

Descriptive Science Discussion paper

Descriptive sciences intend to explain, calculate, know, and document the definite measurable realities. It includes such sciences that have an experimental approach to their methodology, for example physics or chemistry. They produce unfaltering and observable details and calculations. For example- water is composed of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. A descriptive science aims to find out how things or how the world, really is, that is what is known through confirmable measurements.


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Descriptive Science Discussion paper
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Descriptive inquiry: The descriptive inquiry method applies measurements and experiments. Descriptive sciences try to set up confirmable facts by demonstrating results constantly through frequent experiments. In the case of philosophy or ethics, it tries to set up facts, for example how people think or behave by considering observable quantities; for example, applying statistics to how the number of people who suffer from depression or embrace moral values.

Descriptive Investigation: The objective of descriptive investigation is to explain. It should give an accurate, precise, and methodical explanation of phenomena without the effort to infer causal relationships. It does not reply to questions regarding how, when, or why a certain phenomenon occurred. It should provide a base for constructing new theory and knowledge (such studies are aimed at giving new information on significant and unknown phenomena and give thoroughly conducted qualitative detail on phenomena that are hard to get with quantitative means.

Normative Science: Normative sciences are evolving and try to find out the method of how things should appear. In the field of ethics, it will raise questions like: “is death the right punishment?”, while descriptive sciences try to determine data such as “what number of people think the death penalty is correct?” Normative sciences look for the right ways of doing certain things or an appropriate way of thinking. The three known normative sciences are philosophy, aesthetics, and ethics. In sciences, normative science is a type of detail that is created, offered, or understood based on the statement, preference for a particular result, strategy, or class of strategy or result.

Normative Enquiry: This means to make a choice or statement on if something is ‘right’ or good. Normative sciences should function within a certain set of norms on prevailing beliefs. It should be known how people already behave and think, what are their viewpoint and opinion to set up the standard within. Normative sciences seek how things are and find out ways to correct these things.


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