Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Discuss the potential training needs within an organization

my portion is topic 1. Discuss the potential training needs within an organization. Please don’t forget to add the speaker notes in the power point. My portion
is only 4 slides.
This is a Collaborative Learning Community (CLC) assignment.
The purpose of this assignment is to develop a two-day onboarding training program within an organization that excludes the new hire/transfer paperwork
(i.e., benefits, administration, and payroll).
In your assigned CLC groups, create a PowerPoint presentation with 15–20 slides, including the cover slide, introduction, conclusion, and references, that
addresses the following:
1.Discuss the potential training needs within an organization.
2.Determine the content/training objectives, technology, delivery methods, facilitators, training (knowledge sharing), assimilation practices (team-building
activities), and any other pertinent content.
3.Develop the schedule for the two-day sessions, including the topics and presenters.
4.Explain the components and give rationale for the importance of the onboarding training program as it relates to the socialization process.
5.Identify the method that will be used for evaluating the effectiveness of the training after completion.
Incorporate 3–5 references to support your presentation. These references should provide support/justification for HR actions as they relate to onboarding
and the assimilation process

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Discuss the potential training needs within an organization
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