Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Drosophila flies crosses can be observed

The above table reveals that two crosses that took place at the first experiment stage to produce F1 flies bring quite similar results to all fly populations. In particular, only 32 F1 male flies in the cross of female 4-trait & male wild type have lozenge eye color, while all the remaining species have the normal red color of eyes.

At the same time, the same cross displays other variations not observed in the samples from the cross with the male dominant gene. In particular, after the cross of female 4-trait & male wild type flies were obtained with both forked and normal bristles, with and without cross veins, and with three body color types.

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Drosophila flies crosses can be observed
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Respectively, Table 2 represents the results for the F2 flies as retrieved during the second stage of the experiment. A greater variety of traits can be observed in F2 flies if compared to P or F1 ones. Practically all the types of eye color, body color, wing size, cross-veins, and bristles are observed in F2 flies, with the only exception being the absence of vestigial wings in a female sample of F2 flies produced after the cross of female 4-trait & male wild type.

One more interesting feature of the results for F2 generation flies is the almost equal distribution of the physical characteristics among the male and female fly samples. The deviations from this equality are observed mainly due to the unequal number of female and male flies produced after the P cross and F1 fly cross. Table 2 also provides a piece of supporting evidence to the idea derived from Table1. In other words, the domination of the female genes in Drosophila flies crosses can be observed. It is displayed by the greater numbers of female flies derived as a result of every cross carried out, as well as in stronger manifestations of various mutation in female fly samples of F2 generation than in the similar male samples produced during the same experiment:

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