Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Durathon Battery Energy Storage System to provide reliable

GE has introduced a battery technology dubbed Durathon Battery Energy Storage System to provide reliable and cost effective source of energy with extensive ability to store and recycle. The technology is built from the chemical knowledge of sodium and nickel. Sodium chloride disintegrates to produce sodium and chloride ions. Chloride ions combine with nickel to form a compound while sodium ions moved to the cathode electrode from the anode electrode (Galbraith, 2013). The reaction occurs the other way round during the discharge process where the sodium ions shift to the cathode reservoir through the separating plate. Self discharge is disabled by the ability of sodium ions to move across the alumina separator, whilst the electrons are not able to.

Every cell has a metal casing for sealing and they are all enclosed in a battery unit to ensure thermal insulation and external ambient temperature regulation to keep the range between 10 and 15 degrees centigrade. In addition, the energy saving system is designed to enable monitoring, management and control of its conditions during working. This makes it less susceptible to damage and ensures efficiency (Galbraith, 2013).

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Durathon Battery Energy Storage System to provide reliable
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