Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Example of a Real-Life Situation Where a Graph Would Have No X- or Y-Intercept

A real-life situation where a graph will have no x or y-intercept is a case that gives a constant solution. A good example is the rate at which a human being’s heartbeats. Usually, the rate of the heartbeat is constant. This may, however, not be the case at all times considering that in some situations the rate at which the heart beats will vary. An example is when the rate of the heartbeat is taken after one has been subjected to vigorous exercise. Heartbeat rates taken at this moment will vary greatly.

Concept of Modeling

Mathematical modeling refers to the use of mathematics to describe real-world situations using mathematical equations. Using models an experimenter can investigate issues about observations and make future predictions concerning a real-world environment. Various concepts may also be tested using mathematical models (DeVries, n.d). An algebraic equation is one of the very useful tools that can be applied in a modeling process

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Example of a Real-Life Situation Where a Graph Would Have No X- or Y-Intercept
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