Posted: February 1st, 2023

Implied Authority of a General or Managing Partner

The general partner(s), also called managing partners, have management control, the right to use firm assets, share in the partnership’s profits and have joint and personal liability for all firm liabilities. The general partners shall have the authority to act as agents and bind the partnership in the normal course of business. The implied authority of a managing partner empowers him/her to carry out the following acts:

In the name of the firm, he/she can purchase, sell and pledge goods.

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Implied Authority of a General or Managing Partner
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Obtain loans for the safety of such assets.

On behalf of the firm, he/she can receive debt payments.

The partner can accept, issue exchange loans, pledge notes, and other financial dealings on behalf of the firm.

On behalf of the firm, the partner can lease premises and appoint employees.

The partner does not have implied authority on the following matters:

Entering into partnerships with others in the name of the company.

Sale or transfer of fixed property belonging to the company.

Acquiring or purchasing immovable property on the firm’s behalf.

To open a bank account in his/her name, for the company.

Withdrawal of a claim or procedure file in the name of the firm.

Cancel or waive any claim or part of a claim made by a company.

In such matters, the expressed authority should be given to the partner in the partnership deed.

Liability for Partnership Debts
If one of the business partners operates within their perceived or actual authority, then all partners are legally bounded by the conditions agreed upon with that partner. However, certain restrictions apply. Under the following circumstances, obvious authority is not binding on the enterprise:

The partner has no real authority, and the third party does not believe they are partners.

The third party knows that the partner making the agreement has no real authority.

Partners have a personal responsibility for corporate business obligations, inferring that in case the partnership cannot repay the lenders or the business fails, the partners are singly responsible for each debt repayment. Their assets such as bank accounts, cars, and even homes can be tracked by the lenders. However, in the case of a limited partner, the debt is limited to their investment.

Authority of a Limited Partner
Limited partners have finite authority, meaning they are only responsible for debts to the extent of their investment in the firm, and they owe no personal debt to third parties. To maintain this protection, limited partners should not have the authority to manage or make decisions related to the day-to-day operation of the partnership. Suppose the limited partner takes over the business of the company. In that case, the limited partner will be solely responsible to any third party who genuinely believes that the limited partners are regular partners.

Posted: February 1st, 2023

Implied Authority of a General or Managing Partner

The factors that influence the behavior of an economy are wide ranging. These factors are divided into two categories: Micro economic and Macro Economic factors. The environment which holds the economy is vigorous and elaborated in nature. The effect of environment differs from sector to sector. For an agricultural sector, the natural factors, such as weather and rainfall, play vital roles. At the same time, for logistics and transport sectors, the trade relation within domestic markets as well as the international market matter more than any other factors. However, there are some economic environment factors which directly or indirectly impact all sectors. Likewise, unique factors influence economic activity. This environmental impact is observed at all ranges of businesses whether it is domestic or international. The most common economic environmental factors are Rate of interest, Inflation, Law of Demand and Supply, Recession, and others. Though the external economic factors play a critical role in impacting the business, they hardly provide any scope for firms or affected businesses to alter or control them.

Profit margin is what drives an entity to be on its toes. An entity relies on factors that drive its day to day operation. Some of them are appropriate demand and supply for a product, loyal consumer base, proper marketing channels like retail and wholesale distribution, among others. Each of these elements are inevitably affected when there is any revolution in the economy.

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Implied Authority of a General or Managing Partner
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Economics is broadly classified into 2 classifications: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics. Microeconomics are the factors that are assembled at micro level. Microeconomics evaluates the decisions that are taken by individuals or business owners with respect to their dealings and trading, which includes resource allocation, pricing strategy, quantitative and qualitative norms of a product, and other micro level factors. Macroeconomics analyses the global economic activity, which includes policies, GDP, and impacts. Macro means large.

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