Posted: May 22nd, 2023

It is important to note that LSI is temperature sensitive

When the LSI is greater than zero, meaning that it is a positive value, then the water is said to be super- saturated. In addition, such water tends to precipitate a layer of CaCO3. The layer floats on the surface of the water, forming scales (Stein, 2008). In the event that the value of LSI is at zero, then water is said to be saturated. At this point, the medium is in equilibrium with the CaCO3 in it.

As such, there is no precipitation of this calcium compound. As a result, no scale layer is formed. Equilibrium also means that the compound is not dissolved. On the contrary it is well balanced with water. For LSI values that are less than zero (negative LSI values), water is said to be under saturated. In this case, it is viewed as being CaCO3 deficient. Solid CaCO3 contained in the water is dissolved. In addition, the liquid has a very low potential to form scales. It is important to note that the scaling potential of a fluid increases with a rise in LSI (Stein, 2008).

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It is important to note that LSI is temperature sensitive
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It is important to note that LSI is temperature sensitive. To this end, the value of the index is known to increase with a rise in temperatures. The effect of temperature is clearly discernible when water drawn from a well is used. When the liquid is pumped from the well, it has lower temperatures compared to the laboratory where it is to be tested. It is noted that equilibrium may have existed previously. However, scaling is likely to start as the LSI begins to increase as the temperatures begin to rise (Stein, 2008). Water heating systems will also lead to further precipitation of such liquid, leading to more scaling. Such water does not have an appealing appearance. Furthermore, it causes irritations to the skin of its user.

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