Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Joint Application Design (JAD)

The main purpose of JAD is to combine users, analysts, and managers involved in the current system analysis. In this regard, JAD is similar to a group interview. However, a JAD follows a specific structure of roles and agenda that is different from a group interview. [2] In essence, JAD involves cooperation between stakeholders and system analysts to elicit needs in an intensive and structured effort.

The sessions involved in JAD are usually conducted in a location other than the working place; this is to keep participants away from any distractions to concentrate on system analysis. In addition, typical participants in this session that lasts from four hours to an entire week may include JAD session leaders, Systems Analysts, Managers, Facilitators, Sponsors, IS staff, and Vendors [4]. Thus the advantages of using this technique are:

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Joint Application Design (JAD)
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  1. JAD allows for concurrent elicitation and merging of large amounts of data.
  2. The information of high quality is produced within a short period since the participants are focused on analysis.
  3. Disagreements are settled down with the help of the facilitator.
  4. It provides multiple viewpoints or rather scenarios that provide a framework for discovering conflicts in the requirements suggested by different stakeholders.

The drawbacks of JAD may include the following:

  1. Extensive planning and scheduling effort are required to have an effective session.
  2. All participants are required to employ a significant commitment of time and effort.
  3. The technique requires well-trained employees for facilitation and recording.

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