Posted: February 1st, 2023

Managing the Prenatal Development Essay

Frequently check-ups have to be taken where the mother will be required to be taken to the medical center and ascertain the position and the growth of the child. If the child is not in a good position which may contribute to the mental disorder of the mother if she is informed of the impending danger as a result of the development of the child. This has to be done periodically to avoid a situation of the child being subjected to further damage. It is important to note that bipolar disorder affects the mother and the growth of the child in that such growth will lead to challenges when the child reaches maturity age. This has to be appreciated from a wider perspective. The child must be allowed to grow in the required way. Balance died is very important for the growth of the fetus and the mother. If the mother may be suffering from certain issues, then it’s good that both the mother and the child be given adequate support in ensuring that they all get the necessary balanced diet during certain periods in life. The relevant diet helps in fighting the disorder and helps in the growth of the child during the gestation period. This has to be done in a way that gives room for the development to be monitored. Poor diet is linked to the worsening of the situation. If the child is not granted enough balanced and varied diet, the child’s development will be hampered and the mother may also be affected because none of them is getting enough nutrients o to destabilize the conditions. This may also be taken with the advice of the doctor who will give a specific diet when life has just started. The prenatal development may occur at the time where the mother has a mental issue and the best to do this is to ensure that she is subjected to treatment. Before treatment commences, the diagnosis must be done so that the condition is identified and relevant medication is applied to alleviate the situation. If this is not factored into the process of treatment, the wrong prescription may be experienced hence the fetus and the mother will be affected and the mental status of the mother may worsen as opposed to treating the disease. Special treatment has to be offered and periodic supplements are offered so that none of the parties can experience the challenge. Doctors who are experts in mental disorders are the ones to give a subscription because failing to give necessary prescriptions is a recipe for disaster. If no care is taken, the impact of the treatment may lead to death. Therefore, professional services must be rendered, and if possible experience must be something to be considered before such services are sought from the doctor. In some countries, it may require the medication to be undertaken through certain processes that may require the approval of the medical association and statutory body that is mandated to monitor the mental treatment within the nation.

A mother may also be advised to avoid stressful events so that the fetus may grow in the best way without any problem. It was of great importance to note that the growth of the fetus is determined by the condition of the mother. If the mother was in good condition, then the fetus will develop well. In these circumstances, the fetus is then required to be accorded the necessary support for growth. The mother must ensure that she avoids all stressful events that may contribute to the mental problems or create one if the was a mental problem.

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Managing the Prenatal Development Essay
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Exercises help to alleviate the situation. If the mother fails to exercises, the development of the fetus will be hampered. Therefore the mother may also be required to exercise if they do have a mental problem. This has to be treated with caution so that the mother doesn’t injure the child during the exercise period.

Medical check-ups are recommended so that the condition is determined if the condition is worsening or improving. Without all these periodical check-ups then the condition may not yield much progress. Therefore, check-ups must be t=undertaken with the seriousness it deserves, and the child be examined if the growth is taking place smoothly and the mother is in a stable mental condition.

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