Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Mandatory that certain conditions are maintained

Young’s equation to hold (equ. 17), it is mandatory that certain conditions are maintained. For instance, the solid support must be level, even, uniform, static, unreactive, and impermeable. In addition, the surface should not be deformed by external forces. However, existent surfaces do not always satisfy these conditions [32-35]. Therefore, comprehending the basics of surface chemistry as well as wettability affects the contact angle as well as the management of the bubble and surface tension. The latest study [36] reveals that bad wettability influences the shape of the bubble substantially causing it to form a shape other than the conventional spherical shape because of the twisting and broadening of the bubble edges on the solid support. A number of investigational procedures can be employed in the quantification of the ability of a surface to become wet (wettability). Such procedures include the determination of the contact angle, partitioning into two phases, microflotation, bubble hoisting, as well as vacuum floatation. The underlying principle of these techniques is that wetting of surfaces occurs as a result of the dislodgement of oil on a solid support [37].

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Mandatory that certain conditions are maintained
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