Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Muscular tissue is divided into three groups

Muscular tissue is divided into three groups which include cardiac muscle tissue, smooth muscle tissue and skeletal muscle tissue. Functioning of the tissues basically depends on their type and location in the body. Skeletal muscle is also referred to as striated due to it containing dark and light bands that are observable through the help of a microscope. A unit skeletal muscle cell is cylindrical in shape and long. The cells contain numerous nuclei positioned at their peripheries. Skeletal tissue is responsible for movement of the skeleton (IvyRose Ltd para. 2). It is also responsible for movement of tissues of facial gestures such as frown and smile.

The cardiac muscles are joined at their ends to adjoining fibers by solid plasma membrane, and main function o is pumping blood across the heart.

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Muscular tissue is divided into three groups
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Different from cardiac and skeletal tissues, smooth muscle tissues are not striated. They are small and pointed with their edges reducing in size. Smooth muscle tissues are responsible for digestion process in the body. They facilitate in movement of food along the intestines. They help in food breakdown (IvyRose Ltd para. 3-7). They also aid in elimination of waste products from the intestines.

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