Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Origin of the Molecular Cloud

While this paper has so far expounded on the nebular theory involving the Solar system’s origins as coming from a giant molecular cloud a rather interesting question comes to mind, “if the origin of the solar system is that of a giant molecular cloud where did the molecular cloud come from?”. Studies such as those by Sorrell (2008) explain that while our own sun is 4.5 billion years old the age of the universe itself has been estimated at roughly 13.75 billion years (estimate subject to change due to varying accounts as to the proper calculation) (Sorrell, 2008: 45 – 49). Furthermore it must be noted that our sun is not the oldest sun in the universe let alone in our galaxy and in fact can be considered in the prime of its “youth” as a main sequence star (Naylor, 2009: 432). It has been theorized by researchers such as Freire (2008) that a few billion years after the Big Bang, Super Massive stars, many times the temperature of our current sun and several times its size, were among the first stars to form within the universe (Freire, 2008: 459-460). These celestial bodies were able to grow to such great size due to less “competition” for available materials in order to coalesce into stars; it must be noted though that at this point in time planets were unable to form due to the lack of heavier elements in which a sufficient enough solid mass could coalesce into a planet (Dessart, 2010: 2113-2125).

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Origin of the Molecular Cloud
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