Posted: May 22nd, 2023

oxygen poisoning, which is also known as oxygen toxicity

Moreover, changes in pressure also lead to bone deterioration due to zero gravity influence. In addition, caisson disease is a symptom characterized by various signs like muscles pain, deafness, vomiting, fainting and embarrassed breathing. Caisson disease increases when pressure is high hence an increase in physiological problems of the body (winter, 2003).

Meanwhile, oxygen poisoning, which is also known as oxygen toxicity, results to harmful breathing through the effects of poor molecular oxygen. Central nervous system of the body alters when the cells of the body damages, resulting into death. When concentration of oxygen is greater than the atmospheric pressure, central nervous systems lead to toxicity problems. The symptoms of oxygen poisoning include; disorientation, problems in breathing, cell damage, myopia and retinal detachment.

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oxygen poisoning, which is also known as oxygen toxicity
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