Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Petri dish used for the growth of bacteria

In order to carry out the experiment one would require: a Petri dish used for the growth of bacteria, a source of heat for sterilization, inoculating wire used to transfer up the bacteria for growth and the samples strains that one should experiment on. Since we are dealing with microorganisms one would require a microscope to view the samples. A stain is also necessary so as to clearly view the samples under the microscope and in our case crystal purple will be the appropriate stain as it is used for staining gram positive bacteria which we are dealing with. Slides and cover slips are also required so as to mount the samples.

During inoculation one first heats the inoculating wire until it is red hot, then let it cool this is because it may denature the bacteria when used when red hot. After cooling gently pick a small sample from the colony and place in agar plate for incubation. During incubation all other factors are kept optimal, i.e. pH, moisture and food for growth of bacteria. The samples are put to grow in different temperatures, that is 25, 37 and 45°C and given equal amount of time to grow.

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Petri dish used for the growth of bacteria
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