Posted: May 22nd, 2023

pH influences seed germination

Since pH influences seed germination, the purpose of the study was to determine the effects of vinegar on the germination rate of mung bean seeds over a period of one week. The study hypothesized that vinegar reduces the pH of water and inhibits the germination of mung beans. To achieve valid findings, the study involved an experimental methodology whereby four groups of mung beans, made of 10 seeds each, were soaked in deionized water, 1:2 vinegar to water (pH 1), 1: 6 vinegar to water (pH 2), and 1:10 vinegar to water (pH 3). The number of the seeds that germinated was counted each day for a period of one week. The findings indicated that the proportion of mung beans soaked in water that germinated was 100% on the second day and germination rate was five on the same day. In comparison, the percent germination of mung beans soaked in acidified water was zero and the germination rate was zero because none of the seeds germinated during the period of the experiment. In conclusion, the findings supported the hypothesis that vinegar inhibits germination of mung beans.

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pH influences seed germination
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