Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Physiological pressure affects and alters normal circulation of carbon dioxide in the body

Physiological effects

Movement on earth governs the presence of force of gravity. When force of gravity removed on the surface of the earth, human biological processes alters, affecting normal movement of people on the earth surface. The normal function of the body changes when pressure increases. Weightlessness is a result from pressure changes that lead to dehydration. Changes in pressure affect the cardiovascular system, causing a rise in the body’s blood pressure due to abnormal function of the blood flow.

Moreover, changes in pressure also lead to bone deterioration due to zero gravity influence. In addition, caisson disease is a symptom characterized by various signs like muscles pain, deafness, vomiting, fainting and embarrassed breathing. Caisson disease increases when pressure is high hence an increase in physiological problems of the body (winter, 2003).

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Physiological pressure affects and alters normal circulation of carbon dioxide in the body
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Meanwhile, oxygen poisoning, which is also known as oxygen toxicity, results to harmful breathing through the effects of poor molecular oxygen. Central nervous system of the body alters when the cells of the body damages, resulting into death. When concentration of oxygen is greater than the atmospheric pressure, central nervous systems lead to toxicity problems. The symptoms of oxygen poisoning include; disorientation, problems in breathing, cell damage, myopia and retinal detachment.

In addition, the effect of physiological pressure affects and alters normal circulation of carbon dioxide in the body. The common effect caused by the influence of carbon dioxide is hyperventilation. Physiological states like a panic attack and metabolic acidosis cause hyperventilation. Carbon dioxide controls the body temperature to normal level by the help of hyperventilation that reduces body pressure. Hyperventilation occurs due to rapid succession during deep breath, diseases from lungs and stroke (Otomo, 2004).


Overall, pressure is vital to the growth of human health. Pressure is inversely proportional to force. When pressure is high, the force applied is high, and the area is low and. When there is no force applied on a given body in a fluid or gas, the body remains at the equilibrium point. The cells of the body are affected when we have variations in the level of body’s carbon dioxide. Changes in the height or depth affect the amount of pressure inserted. When the pressure of the body changes, there are changes in the normal functioning of the body cells and this leads to introduction of caisson disease in the body and hyperventilation problems

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