Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Plasma Discharge and its Examples Research Paper

According to Chang, Lawless and Yamamoto, plasma is a chemically active media consisting of highly ionized gases, which when activated cause very high temperatures increases to be achieved in a process known as thermal plasma. Here, plasma is the “result of reorganizing the electronic structure of a gas by applying energy to the gas molecules and atoms” 1[1]. Here, Chang, Lawless and Yamamoto argue that plasma is the fourth state of matter, which occupies 99% of the universe and consists of particles known as ions, neutrons, and neutrals, which exist in a gaseous excited state 1[2]. Here, plasma discharge is defined as an “excited state of a gas”, which when acted on by an electric field breaks down gaseous atoms and molecules into an avalanche of charged ions [Chang et al. 2 [2]. The breakdown is caused by electrons, which when accelerated acquire sufficient energy to collide and knock off electrons from the gaseous atoms and molecules, leaving behind ionized gaseous particles to create an avalanche of free electrons

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Plasma Discharge and its Examples Research Paper
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