Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Promotion of individuals is often determined by leaders

Leadership is widely researched concept because it has attracted attention of many scholars who have been trying to find the most appropriate ways of guiding organisations around the world. The other side of the coin of leadership is followership. One cannot be a successful leader if he cannot be a good follower. Leaders are not born in the positions they finds themselves in within the public and private sector. They start from somewhere, which means that at some point they have to be followers. According to Kellerman (2007), promotion of individuals is often determined by leaders. When a leader is selecting an individual who should be promoted to higher positions within their organisations, they often look for good followers. They look for people who are able to understand and follow their instructions in the best ways possible. It is through such promotions, based on good followership, that one finds self in senior positions of leadership. According to Kelly (2008), followers play a critical role in the development of any organisation if they embrace their positions and remain committed to doing what is expected of them. We need to understand the fact that the most successful organisations have learnt how to harness the power of followership in order to achieve success. In this presentation, we will critically look at the power of followership and its relevance to modern-day organisations.

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Promotion of individuals is often determined by leaders
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