Posted: February 1st, 2023

Properties and applications of lecithin

The lecithins have emulsifying and lubricating characteristics and are tensile. They can be digested by humans and are well absorbed. In addition, they are considered to be harmless for human use if consumed. Lecithin is utilized in the human diet, animal feed, medicines, cosmetics, and other industries. The pie-chart above shows the applications of lecithin in different fields. Applications of lecithin involve the following:

It functions as a wetting agent, stabilizer, and choline enrichment carrier in the pharmaceutical business. It helps to emulsify and encapsulate and is also a good dispersing agent. It can be employed in the production and therapeutic application of intravenous fat infusions.

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Properties and applications of lecithin
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It boosts fat and protein in animal feed and enhances grinding.

Lecithin also may be utilized as an emulsifying and dispersing agent in textiles, rubber, and other sectors as a release agent for polymers, an anti-pollutant agent for automotive lubricants, and a gasoline-based anti-pollutant.

It produces protective coats for paint and printing ink surfaces in the painting industry, has antioxidant effects, and acts as a rust inhibitor. It is a color intensifier, an assist modifier for conditioning and dispersal, and an excellent stabilizer and suspender, emulsifier, and wetting agent. It helps keep many pigment mixtures consistent. It helps to melt metal oxide pigments and quickly assists to disperse latex paints.

Used as food additive
Lecithin’s non-toxicity contributes to its employment as an ingredient or in food preparation. It is utilized in meals that require a natural emulsifier or lubricant on the market. It is used in the following food materials as additives.

In pastries, viscosity is lowered, ingredients are replaced, sugar crystallization and chocolate flow qualities are monitored, and the ingredients are mixed uniformly. The shelf life is improved for certain items by lecithin, and it may also be applied as a covering.

In emulsions and fat spreads like portions of margarine with a large fat content above 75 percent. Lecithin can stabilize emulsions, splash, and spread oil droplets while being fried, spreading, and improving releasing flavors.

In dough and baking processes, the requirements for fat and eggs have been reduced. The dispersion of the ingredients in the dough has helped smooth out, stabilized the fermentation, increased volumes, protects the yeast cells when frozen, and the cleansing is avoided or facilitated.

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