Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Response to Light

All eyes of Artemia are responsive to light and exhibit exceedingly changeable reactions to any luminosity around them. This group of arthropod is photo-tactic at diminished light intensities; consequently, they are photonegative at amplified light intensities. Response to light shows a discrepancy depending on the physiological situation of the animal, pH and other factors like development and metabolism. Most arthropods’ reaction to light is known as dorsal light response characterized by sustaining dorsal plane up. In contrary to other arthropods, Artemia spp has repeal retort by keeping their ventral facade pointing light.

Consequently, Artemia spp usually spins in invalidate position because light is sensibly above the water surface. The nauplii, which are products of hutching eggs possess single eye, but develop other two secondary eyes later. It is evident that this eye can only sense the presence of light; furthermore, it is capable of detecting the course of light. In contrary to the adult Artemia, nauplii usually swim towards the light until it develops the two secondary vision sites. Light plays a critical role in the life cycle of Artemia because it acts as a diapause breaker and in the hatching of eggs

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Response to Light
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