Posted: February 1st, 2023

Segment Consumers by Digital Media Essay

Digital media
Digital media has entered lifestyle, and now it is an indispensable part of human lives. Using smartphones with various applications and widgets is a common norm. All news about the different brands, new brands, new launches, and any customer issues are easily accessible by all.

With digital media, it has been seen that there is now a platform for the customers to reach each other out, and share feedback and information. This has given more power in the hand of customers to make well-informed decisions. Social media helps not only customers, but also the companies in being able to understand their customers better. Based on the information shared by customers on social platforms, companies get a better perspective about customer expectations. It helps them design their product accordingly, promote it by highlighting those features, and use digital media to reach the target customers.

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Segment Consumers by Digital Media Essay
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Different types of digital media
Digital media includes a lot of different methods of promoting products. A few of them are as follows:

A company can promote its brand, product features, or new product launches by advertising the same on social platforms. It can share blogs and articles detailing the latest strategic moves of the company. Further, the company can build relations with key leaders on digital platforms. It can hire influencers to promote its brands.

Companies can create applications and widgets that customers can easily access on their cellphones. Companies design the marketing strategy to make optimum use of the digital platform. The company chooses various vendors and online marketing methods to maintain a better social presence.

Consumer segments by digital media
On the basis of how the consumers get influenced by the digital media and the extent of usage of digital media, the consumer group can be divided into various segments as follows:-

Prodigies are the set of users who can influence the technical market.

Tribals are the segment of users who are always available on social media and can influence other buyers.

On the other hand, personal, on the other hand, denotes mobile-savvy consumers who do not appear on social media.

Pragmatists denote the segment of consumers who use digital platforms for their profession as well.

Browsers are the people who do not use social media much. They can be considered learners on social platforms.

Occasional users and talkers do not engage on social platforms at all.

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