Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Sex Ratio Adjustment in Cooperative Breeders Report

Evolution has various definitions depending on what is being studied. According to (Griffin et al., 2005) it can be defined in this context as a historical transformation of a closely related group of species; phylogeny. It is used by biologists in the study of the evolution of various organisms. The thesis statement in this report is that cooperative breeders adjust offspring sex ratios to produce beneficial helpers.

The issue being investigated in this case is whether birds and mammals adaptively adjust their offspring sex ratios in response to the environmental changes. Many different studies have revealed that there are different patterns as far as sex ratio adjustment is concerned. This has been brought about by the fact that sex ratio adjustment occurs in some cases but with some exceptions. It is much easier to estimate the strength of selection on sex ratio adjustment in cooperatively breeding species and hence they are the best in addressing the problem at hand.

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Sex Ratio Adjustment in Cooperative Breeders Report
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