Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Skeletal muscles derive ATP through anaerobic and aerobic respiration

Skeletal muscles derive ATP through anaerobic and aerobic respiration. In addition, energy can be derived from the phosphate groups present in creatine phosphate. It is worth emphasizing that anaerobic and aerobic capacity in skeletal muscle fibres vary depending on the type of muscle fiber. Moreover, muscle fibres are differentiated based on the colour, contraction speed, and key energy metabolism modes (Kandel, Schwartz & Jessel, 2000).

During rest, skeletal muscles acquire energy from fatty acids’ aerobic respiration. When the muscles are undergoing through strenuous exercise, glucose in the blood and glycogen stored in the muscles are used for providing energy. Cell respiration provides energy that is essential for making ATP. This energy source is essential since it is instant. The energy is used for moving cross bridges when muscles are contracting and pumping calcium during muscle relaxation. During the initial forty five to ninety seconds of moderate to laborious exercise, skeletal muscles experience anaerobic respiration. This is attributed to the fact that the cardiopulmonary system needs approximately this period to ensure adequate oxygen uptake by the exercising muscles. During moderate exercise, aerobic respiration supplies most of the energy to skeletal muscles.

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Skeletal muscles derive ATP through anaerobic and aerobic respiration
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Irrespective of the fact that a person is engaging in strenuous, moderate, or light exercise, the person’s maximum ability for aerobic exercise is extremely important. Aerobic capacity refers to the greatest rate at which energy is taken up in the body. Aerobic capacity is dependent on a person’s sex, size, and age.

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