Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Social and Economic Impacts

A comprehensive understanding of the GSM will be beneficial to future environmental conservation. For instance, it will be cheaper and easier to conserve other grassy woodland and grassland species in future. The recovery plan for the GSM will offer scientists and conservationists cheaper approaches to the management of grassland-dwelling endangered species. On the other hand, the GSM serves as a pioneer species in the conservation of invertebrates. The recovery plan of the endangered moth will aid in highlighting the importance of invertebrates in the ecosystem. The sponsorship of the GSM recovery plan positively affects other grassland-dwelling species.

Research has shown that there are economic and environmental benefits that are associated with conservation efforts. Although the recovery efforts focus on one species, the process will also involve a handful of other flora and fauna. For instance, the conservation of the GSM will also include conservation of other flora and fauna such as grasslands and the endangered Graceful Sun-moth.

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Social and Economic Impacts
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Furthermore, the recovery plan involves the maintenance of a natural environmental integrity. A maintenance of the natural order of things has several economical benefits including enhancing the long-term viability of the environment. In addition, the conservation efforts will have a slowing-effect on the progress of global warming. Most of the factors that are contributing to global warming are also fueling the endangerment and extinction of species.

Some of the communities residing within the GSM locality have attached cultural significance to the endangered species. For instance, the Ngunnawal people within the ACT region have often used the GSM inhabited grasslands in their natural states (Dear 2007). Consequently, any loss of integrity to the natural state of the grasslands negatively influences the social life of the Ngunnawal people.

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