Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Studies have elaborated the morphology of the trematode

For a long time classification of the trematode has been a controversy among the research community due to the various morphological forms of the species that have been identified. Regardless of this, researchers have come to identify characteristic morphological patterns that have led to clear identification of the Proctoeces maculates as a distinct species in the Proctoeces genus (Shigeru and Egusa 1250).

Studies have elaborated the morphology of the trematode. It was observed that Proctoeces maculates a cuticula that is devoid of any fortifications. It has dominant and massive suckers. At the position of the exterior testis, there is a distinct dual morphology (bifurcation) of the vessels involved in excretion processes. The crura and the stem have on their outer surfaces, a thin lining composed of epithelial cells.

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Studies have elaborated the morphology of the trematode
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The epithelium has a characteristic even appearance when the wall is bloated. Proctoeces maculates’ genital pore occurs at the position lying between the pharynx and the acetabulum. The genital pore has a characteristic lateral orientation. The testes occur together with varying orientations (Lang and Dennis 70). They occur obliquely, contiguously or completely delineated from each other. The sperm ducts are connected to the cirrus sac and they originate from the anterior location from which they stretch resulting in a common canal that then feeds into the cirrus sac. The canal exits at the posterior end of the cirrus sac as spiraled seminal vesicle that has spermatozoa.

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