Posted: February 1st, 2023

The Common Sales Prospecting Practices

The data can be segregated into two kinds; they are: suspects and prospects

Suspects: Suspects are those audiences to who the salesperson is yet to establish contact and spread awareness of the products and services.

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The Common Sales Prospecting Practices
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Prospects: Prospects are those buyers who have the potential to become customers shortly. There is interest of concern from both the parties, that is, seller and buyer.

There are various techniques adopted by a salesperson to convert suspect audience to prospect audience. Some of the popular tools are as follows:

Phone calls: Personalized phone calls are one of the widely practiced techniques to connect to suspects.

Email: Email communication is another way to pursue the suspect to respond and take the said surveyor’s action to become a prospect.

Voicemail: Voicemail is an automated call that is initiated to suspect and thereby persuade them to visit the website or make a phone if they are interested in buying the product.

Letters or postcards: Sending these two suspects with the required information and enticing them to connect if they find the feature interesting.

Referrals: Existing customers are the assets of a company. Seeking reference from them is the most effective way of collecting prospecting data

Events: Events are gathering of the public. Inviting suspects through any modes to such events, make cold calling, directories and trade shows are some of the other sources through which the prospecting data get developed.

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