Posted: May 22nd, 2023

The laser effect involves radiations emitted from different types of lasers

The laser effect involves radiations emitted from different types of lasers, for example, visible light and ultraviolet upon tissues. On interaction with tissues, a reaction, which is photochemical in nature, occurs. However, it is not easy for one to discover its effects immediately. Lasers arriving from ultraviolet radiations are able to cause temperatures of tissue bodies’ to change, thus causing thermal effects. For example, an unprotected eye or direct looking at a laser beam can damage the eye retina, cornea, or lens. If a laser source transmits infrared light into the eye, the lens converges to a narrow spot on the retina, thus concentrating more light on one side; which is harmful. If the central area happens to be the macula or fovea, then blindness may occur. The monochromatic light disjoints the tissues far apart, which may result in blindness because; the cornea tissues are not repairable easily. Excessive light leads to permanent eye damage, in case individuals do not take medical precautions. What happens during collision is that, cornea cells are able to absorb ultraviolet emissions, which are protein in nature. After collision and absorption, the cells deactivate or denature monochromatic ultraviolet radiation causing redness of the eye causing photophobia and tearing (U.S. San Diego, 2009, para.4-6). Infrared radiation, on the other hand, can cause haze to the eye by thermally damaging the cornea, due to heat on eye tissues and the cornea. In addition, translucence can occur if the eye gets exposed to infrared radiations for a long time, causing surface problems.

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The laser effect involves radiations emitted from different types of lasers
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