Posted: May 22nd, 2023

The Resistance of a Conductor Is Directly Proportional to Its Length

By definition “the idea of potential difference states that charged objects set up electric fields about them. The strength of the field varies with direction and distance from the object depending on the charge distribution of the object” (Cutnell & Johnson 1998, p. 588). For this reason, diverse points will not always have the same potential difference or voltage in the field. As a result of different potential, there will be movement of charges in one direction. Potential Difference is commonly known as voltage. Determination voltage or potential difference is always carried out between two potential points.

Electric Current is the movement or flow of electric charges. A charge can be either positive or negative. The nucleus of an atom is enclosed by negatively charged protons, which circulate around it. An electric current can consist of positive, negative or both types of charge (Cutnell & Johnson 1998, p. 589).

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The Resistance of a Conductor Is Directly Proportional to Its Length
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An electric current is either direct or alternating, depending on its source. Direct current flows in one direction alternating current on the other hand regularly reverses its direction of flow. It is produced by AC generators and is used in most homes. Each time AC completes two changes of direction, it completes one whole cycle. The number of cycles per second is called the frequency of the AC.

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