Posted: February 1st, 2023

The Role of a Marketing Department Analysis

Some of the prominent roles of the marketing department are as follows:

Defining brand in the market: Among various brands competing in the market, placing the brand, defining the objective, the purpose, the offerings, etc., enables customers to know what to expect when they trade with the firm.

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The Role of a Marketing Department Analysis
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Conduct marketing campaigns: Campaigns refer to an active movement of a product and its features in the market. The marketing unit solely undertakes this responsibility to carry out this activity efficiently.

Creator of marketing materials: Marketing is a huge activity, and it is ongoing. The marketing unit has to create content, prepare relevant materials, procure necessary licenses to promote products in the market.

Controlling marketing platforms: This is a digital era, and hence a large number of business activities are conducted through social media platforms. It is the responsibility of the marketing unit to ensure the brand image is protected, and the right information is published on all the platforms.

Market research: Performing all the duties inside the organization is one side of success, and the other is to know how the product and services are perceived by the customers. The marketing unit is responsible for conducting constant research to know how their product is delivering value in the market.

Acts as a spokesperson: It is usually the member of the marketing department who acts as a spokesperson of the company when they are cited in the media. Even if it is anybody else, the content, the approach is all designed by the marketing department.

Organizing Marketing Unit
A marketing unit is a mandatory unit found in almost all medium and large organizations. Though they are organized differently, they primarily exist to ensure that there is a separate vertical to focus on the key aspects of the marketing activity of a firm. They can be organized according to functions, products, regions, or even based on the types of customers the organization deal with.

Based on functions of marketing: Some companies organize their marketing department by aligning different marketing functions. The structure is quite simple. Marketing activities are further divided based on its functions that include but are not limited to market research, sales management, distribution, advertising, customer relationship, new product launch division, etc. Head of the marketing on the top manages each of these departments. Most of the small enterprises opt for this kind of structure. Suits well where there is a centralized marketing operation.

Based on Product categories: As the name of the category indicates, some companies produce multiple products, and so are the marketing units to handle each of the product verticals. It is important to separate marketing units for products to have sufficient focus and not generalize marketing concepts of different products. An executive marketing manager is responsible for the core marketing function that includes market research, sales team management, distribution, and advertisement. Then they are further divided into product-wise, for example, product A team, B team, etc.

Based on Regional locations: As the company expands its branches, it is difficult to be in one place and manage activities of different regions. Hence, firms that have a vast presence tend to adopt this structure to ensure the department is carrying out their activity effectively. A firm that has a global business or international business structures its marketing unit based on the geographical regions. As in the other structures, the executive marketing manager or the head of the marketing department is responsible for the core marketing functions. They are further divided into region-wise, such as region 1, region 2, region 3, etc.

Based on customer type: Customers are unique, and so is their buying behavior. Companies that cater to different categories of customers tend to adopt this structure of organizing their marketing unit. A firm may have customer relationships with the retail group, wholesalers, and companies. Their needs and problems are different from each other. Having a specialized team or person to handle these categories will help carry out the marketing activity smoothly.

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