Posted: May 22nd, 2023

The sampling of Macroinvertebrate constitutes a very important aspect

The sampling of Macroinvertebrate constitutes a very important aspect of analyzing a habitat due to the fact that Microinvertebrates are fundamentally vital in defining the health of streams where they habour. Equally, they indicate the condition to which a habitat can be access as well as enable a clear definition of the quality of water where they exist.

This report is an attempt to analyze data which was obtained from three(3) varying bench-Macbroinvertebrate samples which were gathered from over a one hundred and fifty meter unit creek from Dento, Texas. A three minute kick net sample was collected every 50 meters along the reach and then brought back to the lab for processing. The variety of Macroinvertebrate along each transect was compared in pie graphs. More varied habitats in transect tended to produce greater variety in the sample.

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The sampling of Macroinvertebrate constitutes a very important aspect
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Several aquatic insect are known of as indicators of a good stream-health such as Ephemeroptera, Trichoptera, and Diptera. A high variety of aquatic Macroinvertebrate are indicators of a high quality stream. Benthic Macroinvertebrate studied are useful to determine anthropogenic alterations of a stream’s ecosystem from pollution. Therefore, it is important to study the results of Macroinvertebrate samples to understand better what is going on in a stream.

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