Posted: February 1st, 2023

The socio- economic development of city

The main objective of this initiative is the socio- economic development of city through the appropriate use of ICT technologies The innovation aspect of this initiative is the legal framework to enforce the implementation and adoption of the Digital Mexico plan. A framework of regulations was developed to target how information and communication technologies should be used in different areas. Innovation(s) Lessons Learnt Comments Drivers Outcome: Economic Development Governance Restructure the economy and foster the economic institutions by greening existing sectors and encouraging the development of economic Sectors to use energy and natural resources efficiently with higher added values O e Government O Justice O e-Education oe Health O e Finances o – Transport Implementation and development of Information and Communication Technologies in city transports Mobility Environment X Social Development o Universal, equal and affordable access to services involving Information and Communication Technologies and knowledge based Technologies propided by the Public Administration is a right for all citizens in the DF o Digital competence development will be promoted at all stages of education, training and human resources development, based on usability standards that ensure easy system management to the different target population groups, particularly those with different abilities and vulnerable groups. o Training and professionalization for developers of socially oriented computer applications will be fostered, o Affordable, reliable and high-speed Internet connection will be promoted in academic and research institutions located in the DF, in order to foster its essential function of technology and knowledge production Patient tele monitoring, online doctor appointments and control of WHY Quality of Life Benefits oc Government O e-Justice; o e Education: o e-Health O e-Finances o e Transport; o Smart services for citizens and companies;

o Security: surveillance cameras in the city, O Healthcare system: O Accelerate new business: o Open data: citizens have access to data available in a portal o Foster the engagement of citizens in the development of the knowledge society and in the management of public affair; o Promote knowledge-transfer, o Gives voice to citizens, o Promotes collaboration and skills development. Values I MU Governance Maturity Challenges Risks HOW Tools top-Down (Government-Driven) O Bottom-Up (Citizen-Driven) The e Government model is composed by e-Administration, e-Citizen and e-Services components A self-assessment tool would be useful to measure the implementation of the plan in all of its phases. It is also missing the level of maturity when compared to other cities, however, making one empirical comparison to other smart cities, we could say that the level of maturity is reasonable. o Develop an integrated city infrastructure and platform o Standards for interoperability, o Avoid the technology polarization of citizens, o Improve the economy only resorting to ICT; o Ensure equity and fairness o Not considering social-environmental concerns; o Neglect the social and ethical impact of technologies: O Excess of surveillance cameras could threaten citizens’ privacy o Information and communication tools and platforms for public administration and city:

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The socio- economic development of city
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