Posted: May 22nd, 2023

The tenth step involves combining sub-solutions of the sub-problems

The eighth step involves identifying PI options that provide optimal solutions to wastes incurred in the operational execution of the steps. Each of the selected options is rigorously tested thorough experimentation and rigorously validated against established benchmarks. This step is also achieved through simulations and experiments. This rigorous testing and validations, which appear at the 9th stage lays limited weight on resources, time, and financial expenditure.

The tenth step involves combining sub-solutions of the sub-problems with special emphasis on PI benchmarks. These solutions are integrated and subsequently tested and evaluated against the old model for some time to evaluate the benefits accruing thereof. Once testes have been conducted on the new system, the 11th step follows where the new model is implemented organization-wise to reap the benefits of PI. That is followed by the 12th step which intensely involves post evaluations of the system and other improvements that may be identified in the process.

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The tenth step involves combining sub-solutions of the sub-problems
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Practical application of process intensification strategies cannot afford to be ignored and the following analysis details the impact of process intensification in diverse areas of application.

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