Posted: May 22nd, 2023

The The Langelier saturation index (LSI)

The The Langelier saturation index (LSI) is the most commonly used index. The reason for this is the ease associated with its computation. The index also shows all the relationships that may exist between water and calcium carbonate. The relationships are dissolving, precipitating or being at equilibrium. The index also allows for the estimation of the pH at which the equilibrium will occur. The property allows experts in the field to be in a position to regulate this pH (Laier, 2003).

Ease in regulation of pH ensures that the users of the water are not affected by problems associated with precipitation and scaling of CaCO3. The LSI values are also easy to interpret (Papavinasam, 2013). The equilibrium exists at zero. Values that are less than zero are used to depict under saturation while those that are higher than zero show over saturation. Unlike other indices, LSI is also temperature sensitive. As such, experts are in a position to predict the effect of change in temperatures and make the necessary adjustments in the regulation of CaCO3 in water. Temperatures can also be regulated to reduce the expenses associated with the regulation of CaCO3.

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The The Langelier saturation index (LSI)
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