Posted: May 22nd, 2023

The Zooniverse website provides large dataset of different galaxies

The Zooniverse website provides large dataset of different galaxies. The website has thousands of pictures on the different galaxies taken by NASA’s Hubble telescope. The images provide a detailed view of numerous galactic objects. These pictures are used by scientist during the classification of different galaxies as well as understanding how they are formed. The website also provides an easy and straight forward method of classification based on an individual’s perception. The classification questions are detailed and they provide enough information on the classification process. From the answers, one can identify the following features:

  • The shape of the galaxy
  • A group of galaxies it belong to (elliptical, spiral or irregular)
  • Determine other features within the galaxies such as dust lanes
  • Determine whether the galaxy has a disc or spiral

The data provided in the website is accurate as it is collected with advanced NASA telescopes. The site also provides a rich source of information about the different galaxies and ways of identifying and classifying them. The website also provides detailed pictures on these galaxies and this assist one during their study. The pictures can also be magnified to allow a better view of the galaxies.

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The Zooniverse website provides large dataset of different galaxies
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Despite the large amount of information provided, the website does not offer adequate training to those interested in the classification and morphological mapping of these galaxies. The only form of training is in form of quizzes which require one to have background knowledge on astronomy and general science. Generally there is little information that can assist one during classification process. For example, the site does not give information on how one can identify if a particular galaxy is round or spiral. The website does not also train the participant on ways of identifying different features and objects in these galaxies. Lack of this basic information may result to incorrect classification. The site should therefore provide initial training to the users on how to classify these galaxies.

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