Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Toxicology processes and procedures

With the explanation of the effects of nano-particles, difference experts and professionals have used different approaches to express their ideas on the way nano-particles affect the bios. For instances, nano-particle manufacturing engineers express their ideas of toxicology by showing that such minute particulate materials have the potential of producing free radicals with high reactivity due to their large surface area compared to volume ratios. The produced radicals potentially cause numerous problems in the body of organisms by creating an oxidative stress environment. Additionally, there are some Bio-engineers who hold that these oxidative stresses are detrimental, and they bring about genotoxicity, which further leads to inflammatory diseases or conditions. The oxidative stress and genotoxicity are both major processes which cause adverse body effects leading to malfunctioning of foremost body systems, or organs including the brain, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Even though many cosmetic therapists and food experts together with a number of tissue engineers believe that nano-particles can be positively utilized for the benefit of human beings, they claim that nano-particles diffuses through the skin tissues, organ and cell membranes. The clustering of nano-particles and their subsequent entry into the nucleus portion affects the uptake of other important materials into the cells, and thus affecting the overall functionality of the entire cell (Kong, 2007, 2079).

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Toxicology processes and procedures
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