Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Trosack’s as well as a high-risk obstetric nurse

While the easier option would be to abort or terminate the pregnancy, the overall need to bring life into the world as well as their personal and religious beliefs has formed the overall basis of Trosack’s decision. Despite the limited amount of time the couple will have their child given that the disease kills infants during their early childhood, they will at least have given the child a lease of life no matter how limited it is. Medical practitioners and physicians see the option of termination to be an easier outcome because there is no cure for the disease. The overall decision however lies with the parents of the affected child.

As the case manager for the Trosack’s as well as a high-risk obstetric nurse, the most practical solution would be to terminate the pregnancy as the health of the child will gradually deteriorate with the progressive destruction of the central nervous system leading to cognitive, mental, and physical problems. The impact of the disorder on the child might cause them to suffer from paralysis, blindness, and a lack of motor abilities making it difficult for the child to move. With such options and the lack of a cure, the most viable alternative becomes to discontinue the pregnancy. While screening programs such as the CVS have reduced the incidence of the disease, termination of the pregnancy has been identified as the most suitable solution (Tulchinsky & Varavikova, 2009).

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Trosack’s as well as a high-risk obstetric nurse
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In considering Rita and Peter’s decision to keep the pregnancy, the case manager has to place the couple’s interests first before any medical knowledge that they might have on how to manage the disease. This will require exercising beneficence where the health and welfare of the Trosacks will be taken into consideration by the doctors and physicians concerned with their case. The case manager, therefore, has to advocate for the couple’s decision to Dr. Zimmerly and other physicians involved in Trosack’s case to make them understand that the couple intends to carry the pregnancy to term as well as raise the child. However, Rita and Peter’s decision will be plagued with both ethical and legal considerations where ethically they will raise a child that has a disorder that lacks any curative therapy (Jameson, 1998).

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