Posted: May 22nd, 2023

Variations of pressure with depth

A variation in pressure affects and influence of atmospheric pressure on a given surface. Atmospheric pressure is the force exerted on the earth’s surface of a body by the influence of weight. Pressure is inversely proportional to force. When pressure is high, the force applied is high while the area is low. The atmospheric pressure varies from different places on the earth and these results into the difference of weather and climate changes (Braschi, 2010).

Variations of pressure with depth

As the body goes deeper into a fluid or a gas, the pressure increases since the body displaces more gases or fluid and thus this influence more weight the body has. The variation on pressure is calculated by studying the volume height and the cross-sectional area. When there is no force applied on a given body in a fluid or gas, the body remains at the equilibrium point. Three external forces act upon a body by the influence of pressure on a fluid or a gas, which includes; the atmospheric pressure, the weight of fluid characterized by density and the force from the bottom of the fluid. Meanwhile, pressure affects only density of the fluid and the depth difference.

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Variations of pressure with depth
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