Posted: February 1st, 2023

Ways to Meet Customer Expectations

Here are five tips for meeting customer expectations, which could help customers’ loyalty.

Set the expectations: If there are not any expectations from a brand, it is very easy even to exceed the expectations. However, seldom will customers avail a product or service that they have zero expectations from. Therefore, it is important to be clear and honest with what will be provided, and anything done better will be a bonus! Ask for feedback: Some businesses might prefer getting away with quick sales; these businesses do not expect customer loyalty and repurchase. However, if a brand needs a stable customer base, it is good to ask for feedback. This gives customers the feeling that they appreciate them for their suggestions and value their opinions, which of course matters! Quick customer resources: Not every customer query requires human interaction. Some can be solved some quickly without human intervention. For example, a detailed website, precise and up to date, can help customers understand what they need and what the brand is offering them better. An FAQs page can help customers find answers to their common queries faster. Also, if the queries are a little detailed, chatbots can come to the rescue. Best support resources: While solving customer issues, speed is a key factor, but the resolution is what matters ultimately. The customer relations call center, or support team should be well known to resolve the concerns in the best possible manner quickly. Reward loyalty: If a customer is happy with a brand, they will stay with it for long, but that does not mean they would not make a switch if offered something better. To avoid this, a good option is to reward customers for their loyalty. This can be done with the loyalty program, like reward points, discounts, freebies, etc.

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Ways to Meet Customer Expectations
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Social media has helped people stay connected with each other more easily. people are connected with breaking news, live updates, and instant messaging services. Most people these days spend quality time on social networking sites. This has shortened the expected TAT (turn around time); consumers expect a brand to reply and resolve their queries and concerns.

Online world has given consumers the notion that a brand should have information at its fingertips, just like Google can solve any doubt. When they want it this way, there is no room for mistakes, and they expect it to be fully accurate.

Self-service is a preference these days, even in terms of customer query resolution. They would like to resolve their queries without human interaction. Be it FAQ pages, call center IVRs, RFVs etc.

24/7 service may not always be possible, but they expect longer support hours and support on weekends. This is because of the era in which we live, where people can connect via chat support.

Free delivery was not available in the past; when e-commerce just began, delivery costs were charged. It came along with the price of purchasing something online. However, now that online service is so common, consumers quickly deliver and for free of cost.

Omnichannel service is expected by customers. They see a brand as a whole, not as a different department. Therefore, they expect everyone to be aware of what was discussed, even on the brand’s social media handles. Therefore, ORM is very important.

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